Flamenco Beach – The Ultimate Destination on Culebra

Flamenco beach (Culebra, Puerto Rico)

Whether you just want to long around on the shore and sunbath, swim, or snorkel, you are sure to have a good time at Flamenco Beach. Located on the northern shores of Culebra, it is renowned worldwide for its crystal clear waters, gorgeous sunsets, and easy going island atmosphere.
One thing that is very unique about Culebra Island is that luxury resorts, theaters, casinos, and night life do not exist. So, no trudging through packed streets or bar hopping, just relaxation, beautiful views, and fun. The beach itself has a few facilities including public restrooms, showers, as well as a few kiosks that sell food/drinks, beach accessories and souvenirs.

Getting there

Getting to the beach is a pretty simple matter, you can either take a taxi from the ferry docks, rent a car, bike, or walk. Walking isn’t suggested though because it is a little bit of a jaunt and there are no sidewalks.


If you are looking to try your hand at snorkeling, you won’t find a place with calmer waves and an easy experience. There are several different species of fish, turtles and other sea fairing wildlife. If you don’t have your own snorkeling gear there are several places on the island that sell it such as Culebra Divers which is located just across the street from the ferry dock.


Flamenco beach boasts some of the clearest and most calm waters in the world. This is a great place to bring young children for a safe, relaxing day at the beach. Because the water is relatively shallow (waist deep for quite a ways out) and calm, it’s almost like swimming in a salt water pool.


If you want to stay the night on the beach, camping is allowed, but you will have to bring your own gear. You can rent camping gear on the island and possibly at the beach itself. In addition to gear, you will need to purchase a camping permit. According to puertoricotips.com and islaculebra.com, campfires are not allowed but you can use one of the barbeque pits located at the campground. It is advised that you bring charcoal and bug spray with you.

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